We are here to help your ecommerce business grow.

We are kveikja (pron: ˈkʰveiːca/ Rhymes: -eiːca)
Magento 2. Magento 1. Woocommerce. Shopify.

Crafting ecommerce websites since 2007. We are a multidisciplinary team creating delightful experiences in Magento, Wordpress, Shopify & other open source technologies.

Who We Aren't

We aren't smooth, We aren't great sales people, We don't over promise.

There are some things we are not great at, sales, design, dancing, DIY, football, giving Powerpoint presentations, wearing smart clothes....

However, we are good at...

Ecommerce Support

Whether you need a helping hand at the early stages of your ecommerce project, a review of your current ecommerce website, or some next steps guidance we're happy to be of support. From every day tasks to updates, patches and emergency fixes we are here for you.

Ecommerce Development

Built By Entrepreneurs. For Entrepreneurs. We are all about making ecommerce easy.
Whether a full ecommerce build, a quick fix, an enhancement or custom module we can help and we are here for you. Magento 1 & 2, Woocommerce, Shopify, Amazon Seller Central are some of the platforms we work with.


On 99% of our projects we use GIT Version Control to manage the source code of your website. The beauty of GIT is it tracks every change made to the code and helps avoid conflicts & errors. Where we are a little different to most development companies is that we give you view access to your projects source code so you can see what changes have been made, when and by whom. Allowing you full overview of the process.


Many ecommerce platforms are not that easy to get on with, they have their quirks, documentation can be patchy, and support limited. Where kveikja make a difference is bespoke documentation and screencasts showing you how to carry out any task within your platform. All you have to do is ask and we will put together a video explaining the steps to undertake. Many clients find this useful for staff training and building a training repository bespoke to their ecommerce store.


We strive for complete transparency in price and process. We are unique in being transparent about the process, price, and steps involved. We strive for complete transparency in price and process, creating a new paradigm in Ecommerce development services.


We've all been there. Met the perfect person or team for the job, they tick all credentials we have set. A few weeks into the project they start to be a little bit harder to get hold of, take longer to respond, or worse, they don't respond! Every developer/team will have at some point struggled to keep up on a project's deadline. Whether it be due to poor organisation, extenuating circumstances, a personal crisis, the client moving the goal posts and changing the brief (We are sure you won't do that ;-).

We are no exception sometimes things go off plan. However, when this does happen we are on it as soon as we see it coming, we let you know there may be an issue, we work extra hours, and we add more resources to your project. But most of all we proactively communicate with you throughout the project.

Development Pricing.

kveikja offers payment options to best suit the scale of your project. Our Pay As We Code hours make life simple with less paperwork, streamlined billing and best of all they cost less as we offer all our retainer clients a 15% discount on our full none retainer rate of £65.00 per hour


  • BILLED AT £65.00 Per Hour
£65 Enquire


  • SAVE OVER 15%
  • BILLED AT £52.50 Per Hour
£52.50 Most popular


  • Rolling Monthly Plan
  • BILLED AT £47.50 Per Hour
£47.50 Enquire

Guide Times

  • Standard Magento 2 build - 150 - 300 hours
  • Magento 2 module - from 40 hours
  • Magento upgrade (i.e 2.1 to 2.2.5) - from 10 hours
  • Magento upgrade (i.e Magento 1.9 to 2.2.5) - from 50 hours
  • Magento Review (full review of your current site) - from 5 hours

All In Monthly Plans

Looking for Monthly support packages that include development, security. Google AdWords & shopping, Amazon Seller Central & much more? See out support plans here.

Monthly Packages

Our monthly recurring services are tailored to HELP your business grow.

We build, fix, maintain, change, update, patch, enhance your ecommerce system. But. More than that we are here to help your business grow. Be it by suggesting new optimisations to customer flow, or changes to your backend workflow. Your success is our success.

Protect from Internet Nasties

In the time it has taken to read to this point one small business website has been hacked ( every 39 seconds* ). Data has been stolen and code infected. Will your site & business be next?

With our monthly packages your site you get over 25 essential security, performance & quality tests. Each & every month.

A combined experience of over 75 years we have dealt with 100s of websites & servers that have been hacked, contain Malware, have security & code quality issues.
More worryingly this is on the rise, and we are now dealing with more issues caused by Malicious Code, Hackers, and poor quality code.

Google AdWords & Shopping

Working with our partners, we can expand your brand and product reach across the Google network.

Helping your business to maximise conversion value by enabling consumers to find what you sell.
We can simplify campaign management & management of your online marketing channels.
Save your business time as your Magento product catalogue and assets are automatically updated directly to Google shopping.

Generate more sales!

Amazon Seller Central

Working with our Partners ChannelUnity we ensure that your latest product data is automatically updated on Amazon. With advanced data mapping features to ensure that you have the flexibility to set up your channels exactly as you need them.

Automatic Order Imports - We automatically import your Amazon Orders into your system. Retail your existing tool as the central hub of all product and ecommerce order data and avoid having data split across multiple solutions.

Code & Platform Support

Downtime and technical issues can impact your e-commerce site risking a loss of sales & customer confidence. We work hard to provide the high-level support to ensure continuing business success.

Our support packages can cover development time as well, enabling you to improve and update your site as needed. There are a number of packages that provide available to meet your requirements. We also offer a Pay as We Code service.

Site Speed Optimisation

YAWN! This is not what you want your customers to be doing whilst they wait for your site to load! Research has shown that slow site speed is the biggest factor in site bounce rate and cart abandonment. Not only is it bad for customers that make it to your site, but, Google penalises slower sites giving preference to sites that load quickly.

Our site optimisation service includes before and after testing, optimisation of your sites code, images & server. Ensuring, your site is as fast as it can be on the hosting environment you are running.

Development Hours

Development work is carried out on a development version of your site allowing changes to be tested and re-tested before being deployed to a live server. If you do not have a development server set up we will provide one for the duration of your project.

Development work can be pretty much anything you require related to the function of your site from adding new features, fixing errors and issues, enhancing admin workflow, & integrating with third-party systems.

Contact us to discuss your requirements

Bespoke Ecommerce Hosting

Backed by our partners Jelastic, Layershift, MassiveGrid, & Cloudflare.

Layershift are here to support your business around-the-clock, every day of the year Their experienced in-house team make everything "just work" without you needing to lose sleep worrying about your website, if things go wrong they are always available to rapidly react to any type of issue!

Easy creation of dev, test, production environments

Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling

Back Ups Every 6 Hours

Application management via UI, SSH, API and CLI Deployment via GIT, SVN, FTP and SFTP

Fast setup of clustered and highly available applications

Zero downtime deployment with automated traffic distribution

Free and custom SSL certificates

Built-in monitoring of RAM, CPU, network, storage, IO with alert notifications

Now is the time to stop paying for the resources you DON'T use. With our hosting you ONLY pay for the resources you DO use.

Unlike most other hosting systems with Jelastic you only ever pay for what you use. You set a minimum and maximum spend, and your server automatically scales up & down within these parameters as needed. When your traffic spikes your server automatically increases power to meet demand. When traffic slows, your server reduces resources and costs.

Backup. Backup. Backup. Backup.

Lost data means lost sales. Layershift back up your site 4 times a day.

Does your hosting provider include backups with their service? Shockingly, many don't. Those that do often only backup your data once per week, or if you're really "lucky" perhaps you found a provider who takes a daily backup for you and charges you for the luxury?

That sounds nice and reassuring, but did you ever consider the impact on your business if you lost 24 hours of data - 24 hours worth of valuable sales and new customer accounts? Studies have shown that 70% of companies cease trading after a significant data loss!

We take full backups of your server every 6 hours as standard (upgrades are available). This gets you back to 'business as usual' as soon as possible if disaster recovery is ever required.

Our Team

Established in 2001 and working with Magento since 2007 - We are a UK business with locations in Nepal, Ukraine, India, Egypt.

Nottinghamshire. UK.

David - Founder

Kathmandu. Nepal

Ashit - Developer

Mansfield. UK.


Cairo. Egypt.

Mona - Developer

RansomWood Business Park

Our Home

What Clients Are Saying...

We found a gem of a development team! They look to improve our website with a proactive approach that has helped to increase revenues. .

Colin J testallwater.co.uk

Excellent service provided. Attention to details, identifying and resolving business system issues in no time as well as great communication skills made the experience even better than we expected. We will strongly recommend their service and will come back again.

Thomas B

Fantastic professional, outstanding service hardly seen in years of cooperations. I strongly recommend kveikja, I will definitely work with them again.

Alissa T

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